Young couple buys first home, find chalk outline in basement

A basement discovery has led to some confusion for a young couple.

Elise and Dan Taylor, both twenty-nine, recently purchased a two-storey colonial-style home in a quiet suburb of Washington D.C.

‘This is our dream home,’ Elise, an attorney, said.

Her husband, Dan, an abattoir cleaner, nodded along enthusiastically. ‘It’s in a perfect location, the schools are nearby and look great,’ he said.

‘Yep,’ Elise agreed. ‘It has everything that a growing family could ever wish for. Our neighbours are also really wonderful people. And we even got the house for an absolute steal with a great mortgage.’

Our reporter followed the couple into the basement where Elise pointed to an adult-sized chalk outline. ‘We don’t know what this is,’ she said. The chalk-body’s limbs were splayed at awkward angles save for the right leg. A second outline was a few metres away, drawn in the shape of a right leg.

‘We think maybe a child of the previous owners might’ve drawn this but we’ve been unable to contact them for some reason,’ Elise said.