About The Squeaky Times

Is this a real news site?

Legally, we must say no; it is entirely satire. But, ignoring our lawyers, and between you and I, it’s totally real.

Who writes The Squeaky Times?

Failed comedians, that’s who.

What bird is on your logo?

That, my friend, is a galah. They’re native to Australia. They’re considered pests because there are so many of them and they eat crops and such. We don’t consider them pests, though. They’re smart and lovely and they’ll bite your ears. Squeaky is also the name of a rescue galah that one of us takes care of.

Can I write a headline/article for you?

See here for submission guidelines.

A relative of mine believed one of your articles and is now concerned about the state of the world.

Ah, that sucks a lot. Sorry.